This is kinda how breast cancer treatment goes.

Doc: I’m so sorry you’re going through this. But breast cancer is very treatable. The treatment is to be punched in the face every day until the cancer is gone.

You have options. It works best if you’re punched daily by a really strong arm. The more it hurts, the better your chances of survival so we suggest a really solid hook to the jaw. If you want, we can even tie your hands behind your back.

You: Wow. That sounds really brutal. Got anything else?

Doc: There is another option but it is to certainly die a slow, painful death. We don’t recommend that. Do you have a better idea?

You: Um, no.

Doc:  I didn’t think so.

You: Ok, sign me up for the strongest arm you’ve got. And, thanks. I mean really…you’re my hero.

Round 5, over and done. It gets harder and longer and worse and more terrible.

But what is right next to 5? 6. And 6 is the end of this nightmare.

Photo by Ashutosh Sonwani from Pexels

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