Tables Have Turned

The tumor in my right breast never hurt. Before I knew what it was I touched it a lot and not always gently. It never gave even a whimper. Then, the biopsy was a spear that wounded it. And it was pissed. It roared and ached and swelled and bruised. It is like it knew it had been discovered. But there was nothing it could do. We found out yesterday it is fighting a loosing battle.

The tumor has reduced by 50% according to the radiologist at the mid-way mammogram and ultrasound. The chemo is working!

Tomorrow I have Round 4 of 6 and I’m going into it with a quite different attitude. Knowing that we are fixing this makes the dark cloud and discomfort of treatment worth it.

Bring it, fucker.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story with me, Rachael. I’m so glad to see that you’re getting quantifiable results. I know you’ve titled the blog Girl Not Brave, but it is brave to put yourself out there and share your struggles. And you do it so eloquently. I know you have an amazing support system, but I am here if you ever need me.

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