Down to Business

Here’s what we’re working with.

  • Right breast Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC) 1cm x 1.5cm
  • Stage 1
  • Grade 2
  • Triple positive (ER+, PR+, HER2+)
  • Sentinel Node Biopsy: Negative
  • Bone Scan: Negative
  • Brain MRI: Negative
  • Chest/Abdomen/Pelvis CT Scan: Negative
  • BRCA Gene Mutation: Negative

It might not seem like it but this is actually good news, aggressive, murderous, unappreciated tumor notwithstanding.

The treatment is:

  • TCHP (Taxotere, Carboplatin, Herceptin, Perjeta) chemotherapy once every 3 weeks for 6 treatments, then Herceptin every 3 weeks for total of 1 year
  • Surgery
  • Radiation (depending on surgery)

I’ve also got a sizeable team of alternative therapists to assist with the side effects. So, we’ve pretty much got it all covered.

Why does this tiny lump in this tiny boob need so much damn attention? Lots of reasons. HER2+ tumors are the icky kind that like to spread all over your body and kill you. So it must be dealt with swiftly and brutally. One reason that is top of my mind is that I’m young. I need to obliterate this thing so that I never have to do this again.

And so we’re off…

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